The surgical team at Virginia Heartburn and Hernia Institute hit another milestone in May of 2021.  We implanted our 400th LINX device.  Dr. Gillian, Dr. Lee and Divya Bansal PA-C comprise one of the top 5 centers for this procedure in the entire United States.

There are no facilities in the Mid Atlantic region and few in the country with more experience implanting and managing  GERD patients with the the LINX device. We have currently placed approximately 450 of these devices and expect to cross the 500 implant mark by early 2022.

We look forward to maintaining our role as a LINX epicenter for surgeon training and as one of the leading centers for evaluating and treating GERD patients in the country.  Dr. Gillian has been involved in this procedure for many years and was the first surgeon to implant a LINX device in  Virginia and the DC metro area.  The device is placed with minimally invasive technique with either standard laparoscopy or Robotic Surgery. Many patients are able to go home the same day.

His center became the first site on the East Coast for surgeons to watch and learn the technique. Many of the surgeons in the region and the Eastern United States were actual trained and proctored by Dr. Gillian before they were allowed to offer the procedure. We continue to review cases and offer advice to other surgeons around the country to ensure their patients outcomes are as good as possible. Since we were one of the earliest sites to offer the procedure, our office continues to participate in FDA studies that evaluate the efficacy of the LINX device long term

Beyond the LINX procedure our practice has tremendous experience in all areas of minimally invasive surgery and we are looking forward to meeting you. Learn more at the Virginia Heartburn and Hernia Institute website.

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