Telemedicine or In-person visits available!

Don’t put off taking care of yourself. We are very flexible and can work with you a variety of ways to provide the care you need.

Surgery is a unique and personal experience. We have been seeing patients both in person and via telemedicine since the beginning of the Covid -19 crisis. For those who are concerned about leaving the home or going to an office we understand and have made arrangements to provide care for you via Facetime and Google Duo platforms. It is not difficult at all and our staff can walk you through it. We utilize both hospital and surgery center based locations for our procedures so we can go where you are most comfortable.

If you need surgery, we can assure you that all is being done to make your procedure as safe as possible for you, your family and the medical staff. Requirements vary from different hospitals and facilities and change based on public health trends and whether you have been sick or exposed to Covid – 19 recently. Don’t worry if testing is needed we will help you get these tests scheduled. We are comfortable providing the care you need at all of our facilities because ALL patients are being tested so that your exposure to sick people is not going to change just by going to a medical center. Keep in mind that all precautions for PPE and masks are going to be followed to the letter at medial facilities unlike what you may be seeing at public events/stores/restaurants.

Here is a nice review of all the things going on behind the scenes to keep you safe when we operate.

If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call 703 372 2280

Dr. Gillian and Dr. Lee

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