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We are fully open and operating!

The national and regional issues continue to change with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic. We want you to know that Dr. Lee and I have continued to function with full staffing throughout these times and have been able to provide continuous care for all of our patients across a spectrum of health issues.

Surgical practices have always been in a unique situation due to the enhanced exposure to infectious agents that we deal with every day as we provide care. We also deal with issues that can’t always wait for a “better” or “more convenient” time. Under these difficult circumstances our office staff has continued to provide advice, expedite care and change with the times to provide interaction with our patients in anyway necessary. This has included and continues to include in office visits and video conferencing.

The restrictions have slowly been lifting on our ability to provide surgical care in non-emergent situations. Every hospital and surgical center is different but all are moving towards normalization of surgical care. To this end we were able to restart our elective surgery schedule effective April 29th.

We are now able to start operating at all of our previous facilities. INOVA Alexandria Hospital Center, Virginia Hospital Center and our surgical center Harbor Heights in Oxon Hill, MD. Each facility has their own requirements for doing the procedures that involve a combination of enhanced pre-operative testing and some limitations on visitors in the facility. But, in each case we feel that we can safely do any surgery we would have been doing before the pandemic. We are also working with the same staff at each facility as we were before. So ,from a patient standpoint and an operative standpoint nothing has changed other than some additional prudent precautions for everyone’s sake.

The doors are still open, and we are ready to care for you!

Dr. Gillian 

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